There are some health benefits of cannabis you may not know about


There are some health benefits of cannabis you may not know about

Many people now smoke or take cannabis every day not only as it makes them relax, but also because it has so many health benefits. Some of which you may not even know about.


A cure for nausea — One of the things you may have heard of is that cannabis is a very good cure for nausea.


This is true, as it is often smoked by people who are having radiation or chemotherapy treatment, or by those who are suffering from an illness that also causes them to feel nauseous. If you taker medication that has nausea as one of its side effects, smoking or taking cannabis can also help.


It can make you more productive — If you get the dosage right for your particular needs, you could find that smoking or taking cannabis every day could actually make you more productive.


It can help you sleep — Another health benefit of cannabis you probably know about is that it can be a superb sleep aid. In fact, cannabis is much better than sleeping pills when it comes to helping you sleep as it does not have any of the side effects, relaxes and calms you and helps you sleep. You will also wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and not remotely groggy.


It can help you have nicer dreams — If you have problems with nightmares, then smoking or taking cannabis regularly could help you eliminate those nightmares and dream happier dreams. This is thought to be due to cannabis relaxing you before you go to sleep and, thus, eliminating the stress many people go to bed with.


It helps stop panic attacks — If you suffer from panic attacks, or even just find yourself becoming anxious throughout the day, using cannabis can help with both of these things.


Cannabis can actually help stop a full-blown panic attack, and can relax you enough so that the anxiety you often feel in a normal day no longer exists.


It can be used instead of Viagra — One health benefit you may not be aware of is that smoking or taking cannabis can be just as effective as using Viagra when it comes to erectile dysfunction. So much so, men who regularly use cannabis say they have far less problems in bed than they used to do before using it.


Eliminates OCD — If you suffer from OCD, or obsessive compulsive disorder, consider using cannabis regularly. It will calm you down, calm your mind and stop you thinking about all those things that can regularly spark your OCD.


Can help improve skin problems like eczema — If you are one of the millions of people around the U.S. that suffers from eczema or other skin problems, you may want to take a look at using cannabis in a topical cream.


Cannabis or even low THC options like cannabis light have been shown to eliminate eczema when other medicated creams did not. It can also help improve other skin conditions as well.

Dealing With Arthritis


Arthritis is a painful joint disease that prevents a person from living an active lifestyle. Because activity is limited, there are dangerous side effects of arthritis that arise from being sedentary. Obesity, heart disease and diabetes often become secondary health issues resulting from the inactivity that arthritis causes. Looking at available treatments and discovering one (or several) that are right for you is imperative to keep pain under control and prevent the onset of secondary health problems.

Medications for Arthritis

There are several forms of arthritis and each one responds to medication differently, just as each individual responds to medication in a different way. That means there will often be a lot of trial and error before finding the prescribed and/or over-the-counter medications that will work best for you.

OTC Medication

OTC (over-the-counter) pain pills that can help ease the pain of arthritis include acetaminophen, aspirin, naproxen and ibuprofen. Each of these OTC pain relieving medications work in different ways to reduce pain, swelling and inflammation, but they each have a side effect to be taken into consideration. Acetaminophen may cause liver damage and NSAIDs (non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs) may increase the risk if heart attack, stroke or bleeding inside the stomach.

Topical creams work well to reduce pain and swelling in a targeted area. One with a numbing agent and a warming agent often works best.

While not traditionally OTC, there have been many reports of CBD helping with arthritis. Ordering a CBD tincture online is a very simple process, so if all else fails, this is something you should definitely try.

Prescribed Pain Medication

Indocin and Celebrex require a prescription and are widely used with success to manage the pain of arthritis. Certain side effects accompany them as your prescribing doctor will discuss with you.

Corticosteroids work quickly and are good for short-term pain relief. But they can cause side effects like weight gain, high blood pressure and cataracts.

Biologics are a trial and error arthritis medications, since one biologic may work great for one patient and not work at all for another. Even if a biologic works for you at first, it may cease to work at any moment after taking. All biologics will temporarily weaken your body’s ability to fight off germs.

Joint Surgery

When pain can’t be managed to acceptable level with medication, surgery may be the next arthritis treatment step. Partial or full joint replacement for an arthritic hip or knee may bring the desired paint relief. Joint distraction, fusion and repair surgery are a few other options available for hands, elbows and other joints that are being ravaged by arthritis.

Exercise Pain Away

When joints are swollen, stiff and inflamed, moving around is the last thing you want to do. However, exercise may be the key to reducing pain and increasing energy.

Stretching exercises help to keep and/or regain mobility and range of motion that arthritis so frequently steals. Strength training increase muscles to help take stress off of joints and increase overall strength. Walking or swimming helps prevent joint stiffness and weight gain that is associated with arthritis.

CBD Hemp Oil – What Is It and What Is It Used For?


Hemp Oil Is The “Pharmaceutical Free” Answer To Pain Management

Even if you’ve never tried Cannabis in any form, chances are you have heard of THC and its derivative, CBD. Don’t let the unknown prevent you from giving it a try, millions of others just like you who hesitated are now pain free. CBD is derived from special strains of marijuana that have had all the “buzz factor” bred out of them. There is a world of difference between marijuana grown for recreational uses as compared to being grown for the purpose of producing CBD. This alternative to prescription meds or potions will not get you “high” nor will it give you the “munchies,” it will however, control your pain.

What Is It That Makes CBD Do What It Does?

CBD and THC are only two out of 60 compounds (known as cannabinoids) found in the Cannabis plant. Of those 60, CBD and THC are the most concentrated. Since the late 80s science has known that all mammals have an endocannabinoid system with millions of cannabinoid receptors found mainly in the brain and central nervous system. Now, decades later the positive data regarding CBD and its medicinal value to man is so well documented the question isn’t will it help, but what took so long?

CBD derivatives show their natural, neuroprotective value by lowering oxidative stress, and preventing neruodegradation. Conditions associated with oxidation such as arthritis, gastric ulcers, or Crohn’s disease among many others have been improved by the use of CBD. It has even been credited with slowing down the production of glutamate, thereby protecting brain cells and lowering the chance of ischemic damage.

What Is CBD Ordinarily Used For?

The most common use for CBD is pain management without the nasty side effects associated with too many pharmaceuticals. Simply put, research has proven that CBD activates the same area of the brain that an opioid would and deadens pain-sensations. It has also been noted to have a beneficial effect on certain skin conditions such as acne. Naturally occurring chemicals in CBD act as anti-inflammatories by lowering the bodies production of sebocytes which in turn helps reduce inflammation. Daily, the list of uses for CBD grows longer while the need for pharmaceuticals grows less.

As many of us know, for every illness you take a pill for, chances are you then need something else to control its side-effects. Before adding the best cbd oil to your medicine box, talk to your Doctor. Any single compound that is known to help nausea, combat psychoses, anxiety, depression, or neurodegenerative disorders, suppress seizures, ease joint pain, and fight cancer cells is well worth looking into.

How to Achieve Your Fitness Plans


It is the season once again for making resolutions and achieving a healthy body is a typical post-holiday commitment you usually make.  But why is it so difficult to make a go of it?  There are so many excuses to think of and your list is longer than Santa’s.

Well, this time could be different.  Try approaching your fitness resolution using a more systematic and doable plan.  Here’s how to go about it.

Set your goals in detail

You won’t get anywhere near a fit body when your goal is as vague as “I want to shed fat”.   This is a broad statement coming from a person who appears non-committal.  You must state exactly how you envision yourself.  Determine your ideal weight and know how many pounds you should shed.  Also, plan how you are going to do it.  With these in mind, you may rephrase your earlier goal to “I will shed one pound weekly for the first two weeks, and two pounds weekly for the remaining eight weeks.  I will eat vegetables and whole grains for lunch and snack only with fruits and vegetables’.

Set realistic goals

Some people set goals that they can hardly achieve. It is better to set small, attainable goals than a grand one that will forever remain a dream.   Do not compromise your health by setting goals like losing one pound per day.  If you are setting the bar too high, you might end up failing or worse, hurting yourself.  Hire a good trainer if you have some money to spare for outside help.

Prioritize your interest

The goals you make should be relevant to you, your interests, and your lifestyle. Choose what is really important to you.  Don’t choose kickboxing just because your best friend is into it.  Sign up for a triathlon if you really enjoy it.  You won’t need any motivation because your heart is into it.

Set a time frame

Ask yourself when you want to accomplish your fitness goal. Setting an actual date will help you get motivated some more towards that finish line.  You will be able to focus because there is a date dangling in the horizon.

Always keep in mind that it’s easier to achieve a fitness goal if you have a plan that’s detailed, realistic, and attainable.

Choose your favorite e-liquid with knowledge


Factors affecting choices

Your e-cigarette’s atomizer and even your vaping device’s battery decides the quality of the vapor that will be experienced by the user, and a combination of these factors will decide whether the user enjoys the experience. So, a key determinant in vaping is choosing wisely. Unfortunately, choosing from the countless flavors is not easy even for experienced users, but this is especially true for beginners. Additionally, everything is subjective, so one person’s favorite flavor of e liquid might be appalling to someone else. However, a few basic points of knowledge about the characterost9ics of e-liquids will help consumers avoid the hassle of wasting resources on flavors that will not pass their taste tests.


E-liquids have only a few ingredients, and this small list of ingredients include a product called vegetable glycerin which is also known by its acronym VG, and they may also use as a base a product called propylene glycol. However, sometimes the bases of e liquids consist of a combination of both vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. Next is of course nicotine and also the flavorings that give the e liquid its taste. Vegetable glycerin is made from vegetable oil. Processing this product produces a thick, sweet natural flavoring base. This thickened oil produces a pleasing full vapor that has a sweet note, but poor quality in any of these components can impact the overall flavor profile. Conversely, propylene glycol or PG is an organic material that is derived from a petroleum byproduct called propylene oxide and has other characteristics.

Other factors

These two products have their own considerable strong points, and this fact is why these two bases are often combined into a single customizable base that will be more suitable to the particular person that is vaping. Additionally, many vape juices have multiple flavors and nicotine levels. Smokers that have turned to vaping initially need a higher strength and then most people work their way to lower levels. If the volume of vapor coming from your vaping device is high then you are consuming a lot of nicotine, so vaping devices with higher volumes should be used with vaping liquids that are low in nicotine as a basic rule of thumb.

Lastly, the flavorings used in vaping liquids can be the detail that makes or breaks a choice in whether or not someone chooses a particular vaping liquid. Flavors that are available on the market can be as simple as plain tobacco but also as complex as sweet and fruity (see The varying flavors are even customizable for different vape users because they can be premixed by certain companies online to produce different unique flavors for users. This means that there is an almost infinite number of vape flavors. However, flavors in general can be categorized into four sections, and these are tobacco flavored e-liquids, single flavored e-liquids, high VG e-liquids and e-liquids with multiple flavors.

Get Fit Fast Without Stepping Out of Your House


If you want the quickest way to achieve your fitness goals, working out at home could be one of your fastest routes.  Firstly, you don’t have to travel, get dressed, or pack things before exercising.  Also, you aren’t paying any gym fees so even if you’re on a budget, you’re able to do it continuously.

Here are some tips to achieving your fitness goals fast right in the comforts of your home.

Start early

Try to do your exercises in the morning and then go on with your usual routine for the rest of the day.  A study suggests that exercising early in a day keeps distractions at bay.  Those who exercise very early in the morning have greater chances of sticking to their fitness routine.

Make exercise exciting

Let’s face it.  Exercising can be boring sometimes.  When done at home, the challenge is even greater because there aren’t much variety in equipment unlike in a gym setting.  This can delay your fitness goals.  What you can do is to make the exercise routine itself more challenging.  Do exercise variations and use music for added stimulation.  Use exercise videos.  There are a lot for sale in the market including those on kickboxing and pilates, among others.

Look for an exercise buddy

It is easier to keep on track with something that is routine if you
have a friend or partner who does it with you.  Both of you should more or less have similar fitness goals.  You can even motivate and inspire each other.  Also, you will think twice before canceling a fitness schedule because someone else’s precious time will be affected by your actions.

Monitor your progress

Get hold of a journal or diary to monitor how far you have gone towards reaching your fitness goals.  Milestones, especially, should be recorded.  Even if you seem to have regressed, write it down.  Once you review your journal, you will see where you might have gone wrong, identify the cause, and avoid it.

Set smaller goals

If you want to get something done fast, do you not plan for it and set goals to get there?  Set goals and break them into components.  Each time you attain a goal, you get closer to your final objective, which is getting a fit and toned body.  Don’t forget to treat yourself to little pleasures like a new pair of running shoes or a day in the spa.

Make it second nature

The fastest way to getting fit is to treat exercise as second nature.  Like eating and sleeping, it should also take priority in your life.  The more you do exercises automatically every day, the faster you get fit.  You will see improvements each time because you have made exercise a daily habit.

Exercising at home can be your quickest way to reaching your goal of being fit for life.  However, you should arm yourself with discipline, focus, and determination to get there fast.