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Health Benefits of Vaping vs. Smoking

Health Benefits of Vaping vs. Smoking

Cigarette smoking has been declining in popularity for decades now. However, vaping has become a prevalent substitute for many people. There are many similarities between smoking and using a vaporizer. However, the differences are even more critical. Perhaps, the most significant difference is the benefit to your health.


1. Less Addictive


The biggest reason people avoid cigarettes is their addictive potential. Nobody likes to become an addict. However, cigarettes are among the most addictive substances known to man. It is much easier to avoid becoming an addict than it is to break an addiction. Switching from cigarettes to a vaporizer could be one way to minimize your risk of addiction.




Cigarettes are more addictive than vaping because they contain monoamine oxidase inhibitors. These are chemicals that potentiate the effects of nicotine. Because the effects are made more powerful, it becomes correspondingly more addictive.


Limited Recreational Potential:

Vaporizers do not have any MAOIs. Thus, they have more limited recreational potential. The less recreational potential there is, the lower the chances of addiction are.


2. Less Carcinogenic


Cigarettes contain several thousand chemicals, many of which are carcinogenic. A carcinogen is a chemical that increases the likelihood that you develop cancer. Vaping is far less of a risk in that regard.


Fewer Chemicals:

Cigarettes contain a wide variety of exotic chemicals. Vaporizers use a much more limited range of chemicals. Most of these chemicals are entirely benign.


Less Combustion:

Inhaling smoke can increase your chances of developing lung cancer. Smoke causes damage to the lining of your lungs. Even when this damage is repaired, it is replaced with scar tissue. Vaporizers do not produce any smoke, only vapor.


3. Lung Health Impacts


Most people do not pay much attention to their lungs until they have a problem. However, after you develop a problem, it is too late. You will quickly realize how much you rely on them. Using a vaporizer can help to limit the damage done to your lungs. That way, you can continue breathing easily into old age.



Lower Temperature:

Besides the lack of smoke, lower temperatures also make vaporizing less harmful. The warmer the air is that you inhale, the more damaging it is to your lungs. Since the temperature of vaporization is lower than the temperature of combustion, it is less harmful.


 Vaping vs. Smoking: The Bottom Line


Vaporizers (check vape shop) are far less destructive to the body. However, they are not entirely benign. It is important to remember that inhaling anything other than air can cause damage to the body. However, we must also recognize the benefits of vaporizing versus smoking. If you must consume some nicotine, there is a clear winner.