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Reasons Why it’s Crucial to Own an Electric Toothbrush

Reasons Why it’s Crucial to Own an Electric Toothbrush

Good oral hygiene is paramount not for dental health only but also for your general health. To be precise, gum disease can cause heart disease and diabetes. Right from when you are young, your dentist insists you brush your teeth regularly to avoid the foul odor and gum ailment. The type of brush you use will contribute immensely to your dental health. Studies have shown that electric brushes are the best to use for teeth cleaning. Although these types of brushes are somehow expensive than the manual ones, they help take great care of your teeth. The following are reasons why you should use an electric toothbrush:


(1)They prevent oral damage

When you apply a lot of force while brushing your teeth can lead to problems. Vigorous brushing results in scratches on the gums that cause bleeding. Also, using a lot of pressure on your teeth can damage your teeth and at the same time brush away the protective enamel. This gives rise to tooth sensitivity, cavities, and other serious complications. Fortunately, electric brushes are made using advanced technology for maximal brushing power, thus preventing enamel damage and any other area of the mouth.

(2)Remove plaque

An electric toothbrush is useful and makes your teeth cleaner than a manual toothbrush. This type of brush removes plaque and debris with a lot of ease, for they have the capability of reaching the hardest parts along gum lines. The electric brush has excellent brushing actions, thus more efficient and effective than a manual brush. Generally, its use leads to improved oral hygiene with reduced gingivitis and cavities.

(3)They recommended by dentists

Dentists encourage the use of electric toothbrushes over a manual brush. If you are looking forward to having strong and healthy teeth, then acquire an electric toothbrush. Usually, the cost of owning an electric toothbrush is higher than those of manuals, and most people, especially low-income earners, opt for manual ones since they are cheap. Although expensive, the purchase of an electric brush is a worthy investment, for they help reduce regular visits to your dentist, and in the long run, they prove to be the cheaper way to take care of your teeth.

(4)Consists timers

Brushing teeth within the recommended time has proved an uphill task to many. The electric brush comes with an in-built timer, ensuring one spends the thirty seconds as advised by the dentist. You can read more about the features on haburashi.

(5) Ability to brush at all angels

An appropriate brushing technique involves working on your teeth at different angles to achieve a finer result. The technology used to make this device turns both clockwise and anti-clockwise, hence reaching the furthest parts of the mouth that a manual brush can’t.