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Life’s Abundance Dog Food Review

Life’s Abundance Dog Food Review

Dogs are more of carnivorous animals and always functions better as carnivorous. Thus, this means that they should have plenty of proteins in their diets. To be precise, they need meat proteins to build their health. Protein only wouldn’t supplement everything; hence little carbohydrates would play a vital role in their diet and body development. You should take caution of the type of carbohydrates that you are feeding your dog. Dogs should only be fed with highly digestible carbohydrates; a good example is a rice. Dogs are known to be scavengers and meat-eaters. From the early time of their domestication, dogs were fed with bones, carcasses, fish guts with rotten greens and fruits. During pre-domestication, they were served with human discarded food. However, this has changed with time. You might be wondering why dogs love the garbage and will eat everything they find there. Worry no more; keep reading and learn the story behind this.


The Dog’s History and Their Feeding Habits

According to history, the main reason why dogs were domesticated is that humans’ leftovers always attracted them. Eventually, these wolves that were friendlier to man were domesticated and became man’s companions. Since then, the breeding of hundreds of dog breeds that we know has been taking place. Research has proven that a dog’s digestive system is more suited to raw foods than most commercial foods. However, if you do not love feeding your dogs, the raw food Life’s Abundance from Fresh has a solution for you. The company has top and nutritious foods that you can feed to your dog. The nutritious and healthy home food that is home-cooked is made of fresh human-quality ingredients. The food is made of natural chicken, fruits, vegetables, and catfish, all fresh from the farm. The food is considered to be superior as it contains minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants.


Why You Should Feed Your Dog With Life’s Abundance Dog Food

The person behind this magical formulation was Dr. Jane Bicks. This doctor behind Life Abundance dog food is a highly respected veterinarian nationally. She has written several journals on pets’ care. She also has three books that speak on pet care and nutrition. She is privileged to have served on various professional boards, including the Cornell Feline Health Centre. Most veterinarians lack knowledge when it comes to matters concerning the dog’s nutrition. The conventional vets usually rely on commercial pet food manufacturers for their information. The good thing about Life’s Abundance Premium Dog food is that apart from selling nutritious dog meals, they also give you the cooking procedure. They also package their dog foods so that no vitamins or nutrients will be lost with no use of any preservative. They also have different types of formulations that are suitable for all types of dogs.