Home Health Why are home teeth whitening products better than professional whitening services?

Why are home teeth whitening products better than professional whitening services?


Many people who have their teeth whitened automatically go with a professional whitening service. When they realize how much they spent, and that they could usually get the same results with a home teeth whitening product, many of them are shocked.

If you are considering having your teeth whitened, here are a few reasons to go with a home teeth whitening product, like dentway, you may not have known about.

The cost of home whitening versus a dental clinic — The cost of having your teeth whitened in a dental clinic is astronomical compared to the cost of doing it yourself at home.

You can whiten your own teeth for less than $25 whereas, if you decide to go to a dental clinic for the treatment, you will end up paying hundreds of dollars more.

The convenience of home whitening — One of the big reasons people like to whiten their own teeth at home is the convenience involved in doing so.

It only takes about 15 minutes per treatment, and you can do small jobs around the house while the whitening gel goes to work. You can also whiten your teeth on a weekend, early in the morning and late at night. Not anything you could do if you went to a dental clinic instead.

Compare that to the many hours you will spend driving backwards and forwards to a dental clinic, and you will never consider using professional whitening services again.

Home kits are less harsh on your teeth — Dental clinics use much harsher chemicals when they whiten your teeth. They tell you they can do this as they are monitoring the treatment as it is taking place. The problem is they are not monitoring the aftereffects.

Some people end up with badly damaged teeth when they go to a dental clinic for teeth whitening. With home kits, however, this is far less likely to happen due to the chemicals in the whitening gel being much milder.

Yes, this may mean you have to whiten your teeth two or three times to get the same results as from a professional whitening service. When you consider it is less likely to permanently damage the enamel on your teeth, however, you will realize what a better option it can be.

Buying home teeth whitening products — These can be bought online and offline nowadays, and at prices you will have a struggle to believe.

In many cases, you will find home whitening kits that come with the gel and the teeth guard for less than $20.

At that price, you can afford to keep your teeth permanently white rather than having to save up a few hundred dollars before you can afford to pay for a dentist to whiten them again.