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Easy tips to follow for effectively losing weight

Easy tips to follow for effectively losing weight

If you are tired of being the size you are, and looking for ways to effectively lose weight, these tips will get you started on that path.


Cutting calories — Reducing the number of calories you eat is mandatory if you want to lose weight. After all, you will not lose much weight by eating the same and just increasing the amount of time you exercise.

Start by cutting down the calories you eat by 10% for the first week, then an additional 10% the following week. Once you can get down to eating 1,500 calories a day or less, you will start to notice the pounds falling away. You can also sign up for an online weight loss program that coaches you through this process.


Exercise — Even though you will not lose much weight by just adding exercise to your lifetyle, if combined with a calorie controlled diet, you can expect to begin to drop the weight.

Start by implementing a daily exercise program for an hour every day. You can swim, speed walk, run, do judo, play tennis or do anything else that will raise your heart rate and begin to burn calories.

Do this seven days a week for the first two weeks, then cut back to six days a week from then on. Combine this with calorie counting every time you eat and your weight will slowly begin to go down.


Organic whole foods — Make sure you eat as many organic whole foods as possible, and stay away from processed foods entirely if you are trying to lose weight.

Most processed foods have added fat and sugar that is not found in their natural versions. They also contain chemicals, additives and other things not found in whole foods and are generally lacking in good nutrition.

Avoid processed foods and fill up on fruits and vegetables and you will not only notice weight loss but also have more energy.


Drink water and herbal teas — Many people trying to lose weight do not realize how many calories they are consuming by drinking soda, bottled drinks, fruit shakes and coffee.

Just a couple of cups of coffee with milk and sugar, a coke and a fruit shake can add over 800 calories a day to your diet. Calories you could be eating in healthy foods instead of wasting on drinks.

Eliminate all high calorie, sugary drinks from your diet and watch the pounds begin to drop off. This is particularly true if you substitute at least six glasses of water a day along with several cups of herbal tea.

Adding green tea to your diet is also a wonderful and very healthy way to lose weight as it not only adds needed antioxidants to your diet, it also speeds up your metabolism.

For more scientific weight loss tips, you should check out the video below. As they like to say: “dieting ain’t rocket science” 🙂