Home Featured There are some health benefits of cannabis you may not know about

There are some health benefits of cannabis you may not know about

There are some health benefits of cannabis you may not know about

There are some health benefits of cannabis you may not know about

Many people now smoke or take cannabis every day not only as it makes them relax, but also because it has so many health benefits. Some of which you may not even know about.


A cure for nausea — One of the things you may have heard of is that cannabis is a very good cure for nausea.


This is true, as it is often smoked by people who are having radiation or chemotherapy treatment, or by those who are suffering from an illness that also causes them to feel nauseous. If you taker medication that has nausea as one of its side effects, smoking or taking cannabis can also help.


It can make you more productive — If you get the dosage right for your particular needs, you could find that smoking or taking cannabis every day could actually make you more productive.


It can help you sleep — Another health benefit of cannabis you probably know about is that it can be a superb sleep aid. In fact, cannabis is much better than sleeping pills when it comes to helping you sleep as it does not have any of the side effects, relaxes and calms you and helps you sleep. You will also wake up in the morning feeling refreshed and not remotely groggy.


It can help you have nicer dreams — If you have problems with nightmares, then smoking or taking cannabis regularly could help you eliminate those nightmares and dream happier dreams. This is thought to be due to cannabis relaxing you before you go to sleep and, thus, eliminating the stress many people go to bed with.


It helps stop panic attacks — If you suffer from panic attacks, or even just find yourself becoming anxious throughout the day, using cannabis can help with both of these things.


Cannabis can actually help stop a full-blown panic attack, and can relax you enough so that the anxiety you often feel in a normal day no longer exists.


It can be used instead of Viagra — One health benefit you may not be aware of is that smoking or taking cannabis can be just as effective as using Viagra when it comes to erectile dysfunction. So much so, men who regularly use cannabis say they have far less problems in bed than they used to do before using it.


Eliminates OCD — If you suffer from OCD, or obsessive compulsive disorder, consider using cannabis regularly. It will calm you down, calm your mind and stop you thinking about all those things that can regularly spark your OCD.


Can help improve skin problems like eczema — If you are one of the millions of people around the U.S. that suffers from eczema or other skin problems, you may want to take a look at using cannabis in a topical cream.


Cannabis or even low THC options like cannabis light have been shown to eliminate eczema when other medicated creams did not. It can also help improve other skin conditions as well.