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Choose your favorite e-liquid with knowledge

Choose your favorite e-liquid with knowledge

Factors affecting choices

Your e-cigarette’s atomizer and even your vaping device’s battery decides the quality of the vapor that will be experienced by the user, and a combination of these factors will decide whether the user enjoys the experience. So, a key determinant in vaping is choosing wisely. Unfortunately, choosing from the countless flavors is not easy even for experienced users, but this is especially true for beginners. Additionally, everything is subjective, so one person’s favorite flavor of e liquid might be appalling to someone else. However, a few basic points of knowledge about the characterost9ics of e-liquids will help consumers avoid the hassle of wasting resources on flavors that will not pass their taste tests.


E-liquids have only a few ingredients, and this small list of ingredients include a product called vegetable glycerin which is also known by its acronym VG, and they may also use as a base a product called propylene glycol. However, sometimes the bases of e liquids consist of a combination of both vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. Next is of course nicotine and also the flavorings that give the e liquid its taste. Vegetable glycerin is made from vegetable oil. Processing this product produces a thick, sweet natural flavoring base. This thickened oil produces a pleasing full vapor that has a sweet note, but poor quality in any of these components can impact the overall flavor profile. Conversely, propylene glycol or PG is an organic material that is derived from a petroleum byproduct called propylene oxide and has other characteristics.

Other factors

These two products have their own considerable strong points, and this fact is why these two bases are often combined into a single customizable base that will be more suitable to the particular person that is vaping. Additionally, many vape juices have multiple flavors and nicotine levels. Smokers that have turned to vaping initially need a higher strength and then most people work their way to lower levels. If the volume of vapor coming from your vaping device is high then you are consuming a lot of nicotine, so vaping devices with higher volumes should be used with vaping liquids that are low in nicotine as a basic rule of thumb.

Lastly, the flavorings used in vaping liquids can be the detail that makes or breaks a choice in whether or not someone chooses a particular vaping liquid. Flavors that are available on the market can be as simple as plain tobacco but also as complex as sweet and fruity (see https://slimsejuice.com/). The varying flavors are even customizable for different vape users because they can be premixed by certain companies online to produce different unique flavors for users. This means that there is an almost infinite number of vape flavors. However, flavors in general can be categorized into four sections, and these are tobacco flavored e-liquids, single flavored e-liquids, high VG e-liquids and e-liquids with multiple flavors.


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