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Asbestos: What Is It And How It Can Endanger Your Family?

Asbestos: What Is It And How It Can Endanger Your Family?

What Is Asbestos

Asbestos is a heat resistant material that is often times, found in paint. It is comprised of fibrous silicate and prolonged exposure can create adverse health effects. If believe your home or office has been exposed to asbestos, you should immediately call in a professional. It can be found in insulation and was once used in pipe insulation. Fabric lining may also contain asbestos. It’s imperative to have asbestos accessed and removed from your home or business, immediately by a professional. You can learn more about what asbestos is and how it can jeopardize your family from a remediation specialist today.

How Do I Know I Have Asbestos And Need A Remediation Expert

About 54 percent of all asbestos cases in the early 80’s were a result of traces in the paint or asbestos concrete. If you suspect that you have asbestos in your home or office, check for damage or water leaks. However, you should avoid contact with asbestos along with small children, the elderly, and pets. Small traces of asbestos can create health complications. Especially, if you come into contact with the spores from breathing asbestos through the ventilation system.

What To Expect From Asbestos Remediation

If you decide on asbestos removal, get everything in writing. Your contract should include an inspection (see asbestos register Sydney), a removal plan, cleanup options, and other asbestos removal related expenses. Hire a certified professional that’s licensed and bonded to remove asbestos to avoid future financial liabilities. They should be able to give you a thorough analysis and take a sample of any suspected traces of asbestos. A professional will provide written documentation on where your asbestos is located and the plans for remediation, if any traces are found. You can also check their performance record to see, if they’re accredited or have any documented safety violations.

What To Know About Coming Into Contact With Asbestos

There are several symptoms associated with asbestos exposure, but a medical professional can diagnosis and treat your asbestos health related expenses. Most people want to know, can one asbestos spore affect their health and research studies show, most people have come into contact with small traces of asbestos. Each case of asbestos related health issues are treated separately. Talk to your doctor right away, if you think you’ve been exposed to asbestos. Unfortunately, prolonged exposure to asbestos can lead to lung cancer.

Asbestos Related Symptoms

– persistent dry cough

– shortness of breathe

– enlarged fingertips (i.e. swollen)

– chest pain

– appetite loss

– breathlessness

– unexpected weight loss

– and other symptoms…

Asbestos can be removed from your home or office, but should be done by a professional. You want to have asbestos removed from your home immediately to keep the occupants in your home safe including your pets. Speak to an asbestos remediation specialist to find out how you can rid your home or office of any traces of their fibers and you have it contained. Let a professional help you remove asbestos from your home today.